Events for autumn 2018

Here are listed many great events arranged by OKA (class teacher student association). All our international students are just as welcome as our Finnish students to all of these events! Come have a good time together and meet new and old friends!


Monday 3.9. Board game evening at 17 o’clock
Come play board games with us or just chill and talk together! Welcome!

Tuesday 4.9. Ourdoor games’ evening at 17 o’clock
Let’s play some outdoor games together! All the good games we used to play as children! Maybe come to teach us a new game from your childhood and home country?!

Wednesday 5.9. The opening ceremony of the semester
Let’s kick a good start for the new study year at the university! The university main campus will be full of different associations telling about their activity and selling badges to the study-overalls (you might have seen people wear these funky pants at parties…) The official afterparty will be held in a bar called Klubi, which is located really near to the university.

Thursday 6.9. KASTAJAISET “The freshmen dipping” (The ceremonial event of making our freshmen become as one of us) at 18 o’clock, in Näsinpuisto-park
The most important event in a freshman’s life. The “Amazing Race”-type of an event where freshmen compete in teams going through different checkpoints and collecting points by completing different tasks. At the end of the night our new freshmen will be ceremonially joined in our study community and accepted as equal members of OKA.


Monday 10.9. The ”EDUappro” at 18 o’clock in Sorsapuisto-park
Three student associations in the Faculty of Education, OKA, ITU and Mentor, are gathering together and making teams to compete in this fun minded competition going through checkpoints ang collecting points by competing different fun tasks. This event is a great opportunity to bond with people from these three different study lines inside of EDU and get to know new people!

Tuesday 11.9. Namiappro at 13-21 o’clock
Are you ready to fill your stomach with sweet cakes, muffins and ice-cream? Of course you are!! This event is all about going through different café’s in Tampere city centre and collecting points by eating cake! Yes, you read correct. You actually get points by eating cake. Pretty awesome I think. This event is alcoholfree, but definitely not sugarfree! This is the kind of event which all the kids dream of doing once they grow up and can do what they want. You are a grown up (at least grown up enough) now. Do it.

Wednesday 12.9. Freshmen orienteering
This event is actually an exeption and is only meant for our freshmen. In this event the freshmen are orienteering around Tampere city center and collecting points.


Wednesday 19.9. Sporttiappro at 14-18 (arranged by Boomi ry)
The “SporttiAppro” is coming again! This event is gathering students to move and do sports together and bringing a nice change to all the studying. The event is a great chance to get to know different possibilities for sports in Tampere and maybe even finding yourself a new type of a sport to bring energy in the middle of studies!

Thursday 20.9. The sauna evening!!
This sauna evening is gathering together the whole OKA for a nice sauna! If you haven’t yet tried sauna, dont be afraid because now it’s a good time to come and try out the big part of Finnish culture with fellow Finnish students who are happy to tell you all about it! Find more detailed information on the facebook event. Buy tickets online beforehand or at the event.This event is always so relaxing and nice in the middle of all the stress!



Monday 24.9. The Nature Excursion!
Spending a nice evening together by a bonfire. The idea is to walk together to a shelter, where we will make a cozy bonfire and enjoy the surrounding nature. You can also bring and grill some food by the fire. If you want you can also stay the night in the shelter!

Wednesday 26.9. The TampereRACE
Forget the Amazing Race, here comes the Tampere Race! The freshmen are competing each other by running, walking and solving tasks. Which team will win the most incredible competition of Tampere?? I don’t know. Come check it out!!


Thursday 4.10. The snack-day of EDU

OKApallo goes HÄRÄT vs. kilit (”the OKA-ball game”)
The most exciting sports event is coming again and making all OKA members cazy! On this cool night of October the freshmen are competing the older year grades playing an intensive game of football and finding who wins this year’s game. Come take part to this exciting game!!



Tuesday 9.10. Quidditch tournament

Thursday 11.10. The Hämeenkatu Appro (arranged by Boomi ry)
The whole Tampere is being filled with students wearing their party-overalls as the biggest student event of entire Finland is coming. This event is worth seeing. The idea is to collect stamps from different bars by drinking a drink in each bar you choose to go to. If you get enough stamps, you get an overall badge!



One week vacation and time to rest from studies


Thursday 25.10. The Freshmen ”Sitsit”
Sitsit is an event which gathers students together to sit around a table to sing drinking songs and drink. In this event there are different (and a bit odd) behaviour rules (such as you are not allowed to clap your hands but instead you have to clap the table) and if you don’t follow them, you get a “punishment” (don’t worry, this event is all about fun 😀 The punishment could be to make a performance with some fellow students). Never been on “Sitsit” before? Then this event is perfect for you to try it and learn because this event is especially arranged for the freshmen who have never tried this so that they can learn all the weird and funny little rules for behaving in this event and avoid getting “punishments” in the future “Sitsit” they take part to. Come, try and learn! This is a popular type of a student party in Finland. 😉


A bowling night


A traditional singing&drinking party called ”Sitsit” (see description on this event at week 43 “The Freshmen “Sitsit”)


Thursday 15.11. – Friday 16.11. Christmas party cruise
How about partying together with hundreds of teacher students on a cruise sailing through the night on the ocean? Well AWESOME!! Teacher students from all around Finnish universities are gathering together to spend an amazing and unforgettable night on this Christmas party cruise and we want YOU to be there with us! Ahoy captain!!

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